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Keema Online Online Classes
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Online Classes

Tier 1

These are general elective courses and are open to all incoming online students.

  • Computers in Business (5 or 10 Credits)
  • Health (5 Credits)
  • Microsoft Office Applications (5 or 10 Credits)
  • Personal Finance (5 Credits)
  • World Geography (5 or 10 Credits)

Tier 2

These classes offer the opportunity to explore career-specific topics. Because these classes are more difficult than those in Tier 1, counselor recommendation or prior approval from the online teacher is required for enrollment. Prerequisite courses may also be required.


  • Careers in Health Science (5 or 10 Credits)
  • Career Management (5 Credits)
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship (5 Credits)

Tier 3

These classes are characterized by introductory college-level reading, writing and research. A counselor referral is required for enrollment in these courses. Prerequisite courses may also be required.


  • Art History (5 or 10 Credits)
  • Business Studies (5 Credits)
  • Essentials of Communication (5 Credits)
  • Mass Communication Studies (5 Credits)
  • Psychology (5 Credits)

The assignments are delivered and completed via the internet, students will need regular access to an internet-connected computer. If a student does not have internet access at home, they are welcome to use a computer in the Keema Academic Lab or in the online classroom.